2016 saw this inaugural cycling event created at the Royal Cornwall show ground, with almost seven hundred visitors enjoying what turned out to be a splendid day.

In the early planning stages, it was at the back of everyone’s mind that it might not take off at all, given that none of the organisers had any real idea how to promote such an event, plus early Spring’s potential to remind us that Winter hadn’t quite gone away yet. The main plan was to be all about cycling. Cycling to get new people on the saddle; ‘returning’ cyclists; young cyclists; older cyclists and an increased awareness about cycling altogether. Headteacher, Denise Gladwell, from local primary school St Breock, was spurred into action after a chance remark by RCS’s Ben Luxton on cycling. Later that evening, along with her husband, Bill, a plan germinated, which grew into an ever increasing plan to create what we now know was a very successful event.

So, 700 visitors later, many smiley exhibitor faces; many smiley participant faces as well as a very satisfied organising committee, here we are planning an even bigger event for 1st April 2017. There has already been a preliminary meeting with the next one set for early July, at which point, wheels will begin to turn.The format will be roughly based on the last event, though we anticipate bigger visitor numbers, more exhibitors, more opportunities to ride, more smiley faces all with the hope we can translate this into an ongoing, year on year event.