Get ‘cross

Cyclo-cross (also called CX or ‘cross) bikes are rugged adaptions of road racing bikes. ‘Cross races can be done on any bike though, so it’s fun to compare them to mountain bikes.


‘Cross bikes tend to be faster than mountain bikes unless the ground is very steep or rocky. Out and about in general use, they work out like a road bike which you can still take exploring down a dirt track. Their tyres and gears are all somewhere between mountain bike and road standards. Pedals and brakes are more like mountain bikes, while the handlebars and ridged frames are more like road.

There are some ultra endurance events (ask Vin Cox the commentator at SCS about “TransIowa”; 347miles in a single ride!), but most events are races around laps of a short circuit. Young riders typically race for up to 30 minutes, adults for an hour.

Some of the best riders can get pretty radical!

Our off road race track here at Sensational Cycling Saturday is perfect to get into it. We have all sorts of terrain and lots of corners to test your skills and cycling power. Come and try it at the times below:

Coming soon.